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Retrieve Lost Paypal Password?

Subscribed After September 15th 2007?

You should visit our new online servicing site. You can retrieve a lost password, as well as change it to something more memorable if required.

Subscribed Before September 15th 2007?

Prior to September 15th 2007, Paypal would automatically generate a password for you, upon subscription. You must visit their site to retieve a lost password.

Using Paypal's Automated Systems

Click to visit the Paypal subscription page. After signing in, you'll be taken to the subscription page where you will see your Paypal issued username and password (this is NOT the same as your Paypal email address and password, it is automatically generated).

If you are offered a selection of subscriptions (if, for example your subscription has been cancelled, or you've had more than one subscription with MuscleFX, simply click the "details" link next to the most recent Subscription Creation line).

Contacting MuscleFX

If you experience difficulties, please let us know by contacting us, we will respond in 72 hours - please be patient. Retrieving your password from Paypal is a lot quicker than waiting for us to respond however.