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Why is my account not setup immediately?

Paypal has to send us notification of your purchase. The site then automatically sends you an email containing your username and password. This is usually done immediately and there should not be a delay, however when the websites are extremely busy there may be a delay of a few minutes. If after 24 hours you haven't received an email from, please check your junk mail folder. If you can't find anything, then please contact us via email at

What is Paypal *MUSCLEFXCO Doing On My Credit Card Statement?

Paypal, unlike other payment processors, will identify the website you are subscribed to on your statement. This means if you forget your subscribed, your credit card statement will remind you and if you wish you will be able to cancel your subscription.

Fair Use won't allow individual accounts to hog the servers in any way. Overuse, which can be defined by us at any time, will not be permitted; however fair use is of course expected and encouraged!

Copyright believes all of the content contained herein to be in the public domain. Images and video are obtained from respectable sources using automated interfaces. In the event that content is owned, and has not been placed in the public domain, we at will ensure it is immediately and cheerily removed. Simply email support and let us know the URLs of images you wish removed.

Logging and Privacy logs visits to each page, as every other website does. Information gained to this is not attributed to individual users except in a general sense: in other words we record how many images you might have viewed, and when - so we can work out when the servers are busy, and when we can have scheduled maintenance. Visits to individual images is recorded but the users visiting an image are not identified.